1. Basil Wolverton

    Basil Wolverton

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    Pixies, Hey [vinyl rip]

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  3. Gerhard Richter

    Gerhard Richter

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    The Reels, This Guy’s (In Love With You) [vinyl rip]

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    between plates V (Digesting Furnace) and VI (Hot Still)
    one of several mis-scans
    Peter Shaw, M.D. and Francis Hauksbee. An Essay for Introducing a Portable Laboratory : By Means whereof all the chemical operations are commodiously perform’d, for the purposes of philosophy, medicine, metallurgy, and a family. With sculptures. London, 1731
    Bodleian copy, digitized April 27, 2009

    one of a stunning sequence of mis-scans, in latter section of this book; by way of an engineering history post on another Hauksbee work.

    and perfection will come by degrees.
    epigram p 12

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    How To Dress Well, What You Wanted [vinyl rip]

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    scanning error, front flyleaf, showing links from (different?) page?
    Automotive Industries 47 (1922)
    NYPL copy, digitized July 22, 2011

    How does language hide what we’re thinking, and its specificity?
    — Paul Valéry, Cahiers / Notebooks 5 (Stimpson et al., eds., 2010) : 102

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  8. Nastya Kaletkina
  9. Daisuke Yokota

    Daisuke Yokota

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    Braco DimitrijevićThis world must not be composed of masterpieces, op.7, 

    for voice, organ, cello and French horn, 1993 [source]

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    Bear In Heaven, Autumn

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    Ornette Coleman (with the LSO), Sunday in America

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  14. adamferriss:  foil

    adamferriss:  foil

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